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 Coach Rita Hurry - International Life Coach, Meditation Coach, Law of Attraction Coach & Energy Healer welcomes you.

  Do you know that you serve to be happy and that you deserve to enjoy who you are? 

  Are you doing this? Are you embracing all that you are and loving every moment and area of your life?

If not, Coach Rita Hurry wants to help you find that hidden gem within you, so that you can enjoy being who you are and lead a life that makes you smile every day.

What does Coach Rita do? She will work with you step by step to help you to let go of the fears and doubts that hold you back and help you begin to bring your vision to reality. 

Do you have something you want to change or achieve in your life?

Maybe you'd like to...

=> Start a business

=> Find new love or maintain passion in your intimate relationship

=> Get a new career (or a pay rise)

=> Lose weight

=> Increase confidence

No matter what you'd like to change or achieve, the secrets to success

are the same...

If you want to speed up your success rate, then Coach Rita Hurry would like to help you do it by working one-on-one in personal coaching sessions, where you'll work together to...

=> Create a crystal clear vision for “ultimate success‟ so you know exactly what you want, where you're headed, and what you need to do to make it happen.

=> Uncover hidden challenges that may be sabotaging your ability to make changes that last or that are slowing down your progress.

=> Leave coaching sessions renewed, re-energized, and inspired to finally achieve the change you seek- once and for all.

So the question is - Are you ready? Are you ready to invest in YOU! Are you ready to let go of being the victim in your own life? You can get out of it...If you want to???

**If you’d like to book a FREE 30 minute coaching conversation ( over the phone or via skype audio) to discuss your current situation and to explore if coaching with Coach Rita Hurry can help, please complete our contact form and title your message - FREE Coaching Chat. Coach Rita Hurry will contact you within 24 hours to book your session.**. 

Please Note: Once a session has been booked, refunds are not issued, unless Coach Rita cancels the session. 24 hours cancellation notice is required to rearrange appointment. If less than 24 hours notice is given, booking will be lost and you will have to make a new booking and payment to confirm booking.

"Coach Rita Hurry is more than a life coach. She is a friend, confidant, and nurturer. She nurtures the client while coaching them. Her sessions provide me a safe space to express my darkest secrets and unspoken fears. When I divulge the undisclosed, Coach Rita carefully but systematically leads me, with a new awareness, to the desired path so that I can begin working on manifesting what I want and need in my life. The process can be slow but she is patient. We pause, laugh, and brainstorm together in our sessions. Life is not at random but rather is calculated. Coach Rita provided me with the tools to take control of my life. God exists within all of us and and I am learning to tap into this divine energy within each us. She is the Guru that appeared in my life when I was ready. I am forever grateful for her vocation and choice to share her talents and gifts".

"Since working with coach Rita, I have really noticed a positive change in my life. Coach Rita has helped me to focus on myself rather than everyone else around me and strengthen the connection to my inner being- which has been so enlightening. I've always struggled with being afraid and have always felt like fear ruled my life, but I have completely changed my outlook and now view life as a journey that needs to be enjoyed.  Coach Rita helped me to realise that to really enjoy life you need to face your fears, push yourself to your limit and embrace the wonderful variety life has to offer. It's been the most liberating thing I've ever done". 

See more client testimonials on Coach Rita's Testimonial Page.

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Loving Yourself Coaching, Meditation 

Weekend Spa Retreat

Coach Rita & Universe Entertainment are pleased to announce this amazing weekend retreat for all the ladies!

Coach Rita will personally work with you to help you individually embrace who you are and help you continue building on from the foundation, which is gained from attending the retreat. Whatever blocks may be holding you back, Coach Rita will guide and support you.
Places are limited, so please book early to not only gain these 2 FREE private sessions, but also first preference on your 50 min treatment timings on the weekend.

For more information or to book, please visit Coach Rita's Spa Retreat page.

Mindfulness Meditation for busy working professionals Online Course - was £29, now only £15 for limited only!

Discover the benefits of meditation, work/life balance, time management and how to handle stress and release it in this complete online course. Video, audio and PDF lessons available, including FREE bonus guided meditation audios by Coach Rita Hurry. 

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One to One Life Coaching Packages

Relationship Coaching, Career Coaching, Confidence Coaching, Health and Well-being Coaching. If you need one to one support in any of these areas, click on the picture to the left to see Coach Rita Hurry's current packages and prices.

Email Coaching

Sometimes life can get very busy that it is difficult to find the time to connect with a Life Coach to arrange One to One sessions.

This is where email coaching can help. Coach Rita Hurry offers coaching via email, which includes answers to your questions and tips and motivation. Many have found this to be very effective, as they get to look over email correspondences with Coach Rita Hurry, to stay motivated, even after their package has finished. For more info on prices and packages, please click on the picture above.

Intensive LOA Coaching

We all operate with a default subconscious programme that either helps us move forward and achieve our goals or limits us from moving forward. When our subconscious is sharing a different message to our conscious being, this can hinder us from manifesting the life we truly want. In this package, Coach Rita will work with you on a One to One basis to connect to your subconscious and find out what message it holds onto and then work with you to change this message to a more positive belief and to release any negative beliefs. For more information on this intensive coaching package, please click on the picture above.

Meditation & Visualisation Coaching

Connecting to your inner self is very powerful and is the key to inner strength and wisdom. Effective visualisation can increase the power of manifesting in your life. But sometimes to learn both of these, can prove difficult. Coach Rita Hurry offers One to One guidance in each of these areas, to ensure you gain an understanding of how to implement them in your life and gain the benefits both can bring. For more details, click on the picture above.

Intensive Energy Healing & Chakra Healing

Coach Rita Hurry also offers energy healing sessions to clients. We are all energy beings and sometimes the reason we cannot move forward in life is due to a blockage in our energy, gained from past experiences. In these sessions, Coach Rita Hurry connects to your energy and together with you works on clearing your energy to give you clarity and peace of mind and the ability to move forward in life. For more details on packages and their prices, click on the picture to the left.

Best Law of Attraction Nominee 2016
Award won in 2015
Endorsed Law of Attraction Coach