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There maybe times when life can get so busy that you don't get the opportunity to take that much needed, time out to spend an hour with a Coach. 

This is not the case with Coach Rita. Coach Rita will make sure you still get the coaching you need at every opportunity, with Email Coaching as an option.

Sign up for this package and have unlimited email support from Coach Rita when needed. No need to schedule a session in your diary. You just email Coach Rita and she will email you right back. It's that simple.

With Email Coaching not only do you get email support when needed, but you have the emails there, to read as and when needed to remind you of what you need to do and how to stay motivated.

With Email Coaching, you are just one click away from gaining your answer.

Price: £125 for a month package

To purchase this package, click on the following link:

"As a student of LOA and Metaphysics, I found my correspondence with you to be of tremendous value.  It was wonderful to "speak" with someone who have the same beliefs that I do. You have offered me steps and guidance to help me move from my feeling of being stuck. I am so happy that I took the opportunity to connect with you.

The whole process has just helped me become a happier person overall and I'm extremely grateful for you help, kindness and guidance.

Thank you so much, Rita! "