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Energy Healing Treatments

Intensive Energy Healing Programme, Chakra Healing, Daily Energy Clearing Techniques & EFT.

What is Energy Healing? Everything is energy. Energy flows inside  and outside us, creating a subtle vibration, which attracts either negative or positive situations to us. As an Energy Healer, Coach Rita works with these energies to release stress and negative beliefs (which are thought patterns we keep repeating over and over in our head regularly, which forms into a belief). Through regular Energy Healing work, an individual can gain vitality, positive thought patterns, increased energy and clarity.

Energy Healing helps release the fear that often holds an individual back from making that transition in life. Together with the LOA Coaching focusing on your career transition, this can be a very effective program to embark on.

This Intensive Energy Healing Programme has been created to provide you with the tools to gain the benefits from Energy Healing within a framework of 6 intensive sessions with Coach Rita.

Testimonial from a Client on completion of the intensive programme:

"Hi Rita
I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am that I decided to do the energy healing course. It has really helped me to put a lot of issues into perspective and to understand the patterns of my behaviours in order to stop doing them and so help me move forward. You have given me strategies to use and choose ones that suit me in order to make improvements to myself and how I deal with things.
I feel in a short space of time that I have grown and feel calmer and more able to deal with people and problems than I did before. I definitely feel 'lighter' and have been able to let go of a lot that has been holding me back".


Sessions are conducted one to one via Skype or face to face. Programme includes the following:

  •  Understanding & identifying your Energy Type - It is important to identify which Energy Type you are before beginning any Energy Healing work. Upon completion of the Energy Profiling System, (which Coach Rita will give you details on), Coach Rita will then schedule one to one sessions to start the Energy Healing.
  •  *Daily Energy Clearing  Routine
  •  Psychological Reversal Technique
  •  **Reprogramming Your Chakras
  •  Understanding your Birth Energy & Clearing negative Birth Energy
  •  Clearing negative Childhood Energies

Clearing will involve EFT, Chakra work as well as visualisation, affirmations and meditation work.

If you are serious about moving forward in life and clearing away all negative subconscious blockages, that hinder you from doing just that, then this is the programme for you.

PRICE (includes 6 one to one sessions covering all of the above) : £390

All 6 sessions need to be completed within 3 months of purchase. 2 month payment plan is available.

 To book your place on this programme, please click on the 'Buy Now' button below. Coach Rita will email you within 24 hours to book your first session once payment has been received.

 *Daily Energy Clearing Routine - this can be purchased as a separate session, which will only focus on these techniques. Scroll down for info on booking this session.

** Reprogramming Your Chakras - this can be purchased as a separate programme, only focussing on Chakra Healing. It will not include all of the additional treatments. If you are interested in Chakra Healing Treatments only, please below. 

Intensive Energy Healing Programme - 6 sessions -£390

Chakra Energy Healing

Our Internal Energy System is known as the Chakras. Each Chakra plays a role in how we feel physically, emotionally and spiritually. When our chakras are balanced and unblocked it creates inner peace, confidence and aids healing of the body. 

Coach Rita offers one to one chakra healing via skype and face to face. Coach Rita will find out what your current situation is and connect it to which chakra could be blocked or in need of healing. Once identified, Coach Rita will do a meditative scan of your body and balance your chakras and unblock those chakras relating to the issues in your life circumstance.

Price: 30 min session - £35 (only available via skype)

            60 min session - £60

To book a session click on the links below. Upon payment Coach Rita will email you within 24 hours to book your session.

30 minute Chakra Healing Session - £35.00

1 Hour Chakra Healing Session - £60.00

EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique - Tapping)

EFT is a great way to remove those negative subconscious blockages that hold you back in life, from moving forward.

Coach Rita Hurry, will work with you on a One to One basis on any particular area, you feel you battle with negative thoughts and negative results, in your life, and together implement EFT Tapping to release these negative patterns.

Sessions can be conducted face to face or via Skype.

To book a session, click on the paypal link below and Coach Rita Hurry will contact you to book your session.

1 Hour EFT Session - £65 per session

Daily Energy Clearing Technique Session

This one off session will enable you to learn the various energy clearing techniques that you can practice every day to keep negative energy you have picked up and as a preventative measure. The session will also include a discussion with Coach Rita to discuss how you maybe picking up the negative energy and what exercises will help to cleanse this area.This session will require you to stand up and do various positions to clear the negative energy from you, along with Coach Rita. This session can be conducted face to face or via Skype Video. 

To book a session, click on the paypal link below and Coach Rita Hurry will contact you to book your session.

1 Hour Daily Energy Clearing Technique Session - £20