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So who is Coach Rita? Coach Rita is a Certified Big Money Business Coach, International Award Winning Law of Attraction Coach, Energy Healer and Health and Fitness Coach and loves helping individuals, grow their business doing what they love, feeling confident, getting the best out of life, living a healthy and fit lifestyle and enjoying all the bounties life can bring. 

Coach Rita is also an author and published her first book - 'Law of Attraction Living: The Foundation' in September 2017.

Coach Rita believes that we all need to value who we are and never ever settle for less than who we truly are. We all have a gift and her gift is to help those she works with discover theirs and break through the barrier of fear to really live the life they truly want to create for themselves.

Coach Rita has also studied NLP, Positive Psychology, Humanistic Counselling and is also a certified Myers Briggs Practitioner and Sports Nutrition Coach. 

Coach Rita also decided to qualify as a Chakra Healing Therapist  and Energy Healer as she knew it would help many people who suffer from deep-seeded negative subconscious blocks, which are the root cause of limited thinking.  This has helped her to  provide healing to many, which has helped them move  forward  in their personal life and in business.   

Coach Rita has also  been the resident Life Coach at 2 fitness centres in London, as well as working alongside a Personal Trainer promoting fitness and coaching combined. She has run workshops in and around London on various topics, ranging from confidence to business and has worked with the National Health Service in the UK, coaching those who have suffered from Anxiety and Depression and helped a number of them get them back into employment, business, training or voluntary work. 

Between February 2015 - April 2016  Coach Rita hosted a Radio Show  - Your Missing Link to the Law of Attraction .  

Coach Rita would describe herself as:

 "I am a creative soul and everything I do, I do with passion and a love for life. We all deserve to enjoy life and live with passion and this is why I coach, so I can coach others to do just with passion and joy and of course Enjoy being You!  

So that's me in a nutshell...just a calm soul on this earth to bring positive changes to those who seek a better life :-)"