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Is it time yet?

Posted on 8 September, 2017 at 6:00 Comments comments (0)

This week has been a great week in the world of Coach Rita. The biggest joy has been finally releasing my book and being able to share my message with the world and helping those on the LOA journey build their foundation to manifest an awesome life.

I couldn't have achieved this, without self belief in what I do and the message I want the world to hear. But honestly, I believe it was my dedication to going for it, that made it happen.

Once I was guided via my meditation to take the step and just write, it was all down to me to take the action. There was no stalling, no waiting, I just had to get on with it. So I did and here I am today having completed one of my projects successfully and working through my other business projects.

The reason I am sharing this with you, is because over the last month, it has really dawned on me, how many people stall and keep asking questions, or study that little bit more until everything feels perfect before they will go for it. There are too many self doubters among the dreamers. This saddens me. We feel we have to find out more and can never take that leap of faith until we have all the knowledge. This is fear of taking that leap of faith. 

Nothing will ever be perfect. Life is not about perfection, it's about living and learning through the journey. It's about growing every day and believing that little bit more. If you wait until you have asked all the questions and taken all the courses, it maybe too late. Tomorrow is never guaranteed. 

If you have a dream, a goal a career you want to make happen, a lifestyle you want for have to just do it. You have to put the doubts aside and take a chance...a chance on you. 

Life is a journey, so don't be afraid to learn on the journey of life. 

Until next time

Peace and Blessings

Coach Rita Hurry xoxo 

Where is the joy?

Posted on 23 June, 2017 at 5:50 Comments comments (0)

One of the key principles to manifesting the life you truly want, is to experience that 'feel good' feeling as much as possible. When you connect to that feeling, you send out an energy that is so strong, everyone and everything is affected by it. We are a force field of energy and everywhere you go, in every situation, the current of energy you focus on is radiating out of you.

So it is so important that we don't allow outside situations to pull us in the direction of negative energy. Staying in that energy for too long, will create more of the same results for you. 

So I ask of you to find that joy. Find that thing every day that makes you smile. It maybe listening to your favourite upbeat song (and I say upbeat, not sad heart breaking song) that has uplifting lyrics that just makes you smile. It maybe chatting to a good friend and just having a laugh. It maybe switching off and just relaxing with a good book or getting dressed up and heading out to dance the night away.

Whatever it is, it is so important to bring the joy back into your daily life. To re-ignite that fire that lifts your soul and reminds you that you are an energy being having a human experience. 

Find the joy wherever you are - at work, when doing domestic chores, doing business, exercising, whenever, wherever, find it, connect with it and bring it to the forefront of your entire existance. 

This is the energy you want to radiate around you. This is the energy you want others to feel when they are near you. 

Look for it and when you can't find it, ask the Universe to help you find it and make it your intention every day. 

Life is too short to let joy escape from your life. 

Claim it today and bring it back into your heart, into your soul, into your being.

Until next time

Peace and Blessings

Coach Rita Hurry 

Love is the only answer

Posted on 8 June, 2017 at 5:15 Comments comments (0)

Through my meditation and spiritual connection over the last week the message of love has been at the forefront. To the point that even following the evil attacks in London last weekend, everyone has come together through love to unite. 

It can be so easy to lose ourselves to anger and hate during this time, actually during anytime. But coming back to love always, everytime heals us and helps us see things clearer. 

When things get tough, ask the Universe to show you the lesson in love, allow the love to seep into your soul and let it guide the way. 

Last night I came across a You Tube video from Oprah's Super Soul Sunday Sessions and the guy she was interviewing, Spiritual Teacher, Gary ZuKav, shared the importance of following our "Mother ship", which is our soul and by doing this, we will have the inner peace we are longing for in life. Here is the link to that snippet of the interview:" target="_blank"> 

There are many things happening in the world that can move us away from following our soul purpose, but we must remember that love always leads us back to our soul purpose and no matter what the storms are, that we face, we are stronger in love and faith. 

Don't let go of that inner trust. The Universe is with you every step of the way. Find your path back to love everytime and you will always find that inner peace that you need.

This is the message I feel that I need to share today, nothing more and nothing less. I hope if you are reading this, you find the strength and the comfort you need to choose love over darkness.

Until next time

Peace and Blessings

Coach Rita xoxo

Keeping up the Vibe

Posted on 26 April, 2017 at 7:05 Comments comments (0)

Sometimes the hardest thing can be to keep up the vibe to attract the things you want in life. Things get busy and when problems strike, you plummet. 

I've had a week of incredible highs, joy and laughter and lows with physical pain and things not moving. Yes as a Coach, we still go through the ups and downs of life. We are all human and this is the cruicial point for us all. How do you pick yourself up?

I found that I had to bring back everything to me. I noticed that I had been fighting it, but the minute I remembered that I am the foundation of my life and the only person who can make the changes needed to bring everything into alignment, it came together. Physical pain subsided and I regained my vision, my purpose, my inner strength.

The key here really is simply bringing everything back to you and bringing that vision alive again. It's reminding yourself of what you want in life and that the current situation, is not forever. It's just a blip.

A blip in a whole entire Universe. 

I remembered my vibe and my role. I create my life through my vision, through my vibration. I need to bring me back to me. 

So if this is something that you have been struggling with, you are not alone. We all go through it. It doesn't mean that everything you have wanted, has ended. You can always pick up again and start afresh. Everyday the Universe blesses us with a new opportunity to rise and re-gain our vision and change our alignment, to manifest the life we want.

So go back to you, spend some time with you, your inner source and start again...stronger than ever. That's exactly what I have done and it feels AMAZING!!!!

Until next time

Peace and Blessings

Coach Rita Hurry xoxo 

Focus and Planning

Posted on 13 April, 2017 at 8:55 Comments comments (0)

It seems like ages ago I posted a blog. As the saying goes in the Law of Attraction Group I run every month "Life just got in the way". But reflecting, this wasn't really the case. It was a time of a lot of focus and re-planning things in business and in my personal life. I have been on an intensive journey that I feel makes me an even better business woman, that can give so much more to the clients I serve.

Sometimes in life, you have to take a moment to stop and re-gain your focus and make new plans to head in the direction you want to go. Every opportunity that you create, makes you a more wiser and mentally stronger person.

Sometimes you have to go through a learning phase and gain more knowledge, so you can expand your business or make right decisions for yourself personally. Sometimes you just have allow your brain to soak up a wealth of knowledge to become better than the person you already are.

Life is a journey and a lot of the time, it is not about the destination, but the journey we take. This is what makes us well- rounded individuals, who can conquer and overcome any obstacle that life throws at us. 

Time is always moving forward. It never stops. With this in mind, we as individuals need to keep moving forward and developing who we are and growing each day, so when another opportunity for greatness comes our way, we are ready and able to say yes to it.

So my message to you all today, is focus and plan, so you are ready for those great opportunities. Make yourself a warrior with knowledge and wisdom as your weapons. Be smart about the life you want and don't settle for what is, if you want more.

Until next time

Peace and Blessings

Coach Rita Hurry xoxo 

Put you first

Posted on 3 February, 2017 at 0:15 Comments comments (0)

This is something that many of us battle with. Putting ourselves first can be the hardest thing to do, but it is the most rewarding. 

Life treats you the way you treat yourself. If you de-value yourself to lift others up, evnetually those same others, will de-value you to lift themselves up. You have shown them that it is ok to do so.

I see it happen all the time. We give and give and give until we have nothing left to give, but instead of filling ourselves up first, we run on empty and still keep giving, until we hold ourselves responsible for other people's lives and what they are going through.

Let me make a clear point are never responsible for another's life. Your responsibility is only to yourself and how you choose to feel and react to every situation. You are also the only one responsible to make yourself happy. Being dependent on another to make you happy and filling in the blanks when they are clearly not meeting your expectation, is not being responsible for your own happiness.

We are creators in this world. We are the ones that decide if we want a successful happy life, or if we don't. When you realise that putting yourself first, is not selfish, but is important, your whole world and persona changes. You begin to build your foundation again, you gain the strength you need to live the life of your dreams. You smile more, you gain more energy and you become the driving force of your own life. 

You were never born to be a victim to anyone in this world. The most attractive people in the world are not those that have beauty externally, but have a sense of knowing and inner strength coming from their core being. They know their worth and they value who they are and what they want from life. They know they are responsible to make themselves happy and don't depend on anyone else.

This is the beauty of putting yourself first. So how does that sound to you?

Want to give it a go? Go on...start today.

Until Next Time

Peace and Blessings

Coach Rita Hurry xoxo 

Make that change!

Posted on 12 January, 2017 at 5:35 Comments comments (0)

So how's 2017 been treating you so far? Hold on, let me re-phrase that...How have you been treating 2017 so far?

Let's not get convinced that we are just reactors to life. We are the controller of life. How have you allowed 2017 to affect you?

Are you still following through on your intentions or are you on the verge of giving up? Or maybe you are reaching that plateau effect of taking the easy route and not striving for that thing you want?

It can be all to easy to fall back into the same patterns that we have followed time and time again, but when you ignore that constant niggling feeling of wanting that change, it's not that easy. Why? Because time and time again it will come up and hunt you down until you make that change.

When your soul yearns for something different, it will keep showing you contrast within. You will never feel settled. Why do it to yourself?

Why play this game with your soul and why not give it what it wants?

Micheal Jackson sang it perfectly in this line in his song, 'Man in the Mirror' - "no message could've been any clearer"

It really is a clear message, often the clearest of them all! But I know...fear gets the better of you. 

But I want to leave you with this thought -

What do you fear the most? Living your whole life without making that change you really want the most and just avoiding all the time or taking that risk and making that change that changes your life for the better and makes you feel alive again?

You have a choice...what do you choose??

Until next time

Peace and Blessings

Coach Rita Hurry xoxo 

Welcome 2017

Posted on 3 January, 2017 at 8:50 Comments comments (0)

Happy New Year Everyone!!!!!

Welcome 2017...we have begun the new year and no sooner had we begun that the holidays are over and everyone is now back to their routine of work, school and daily life chores.

It must have been very difficult for many who returned back to work today. Even though I do not work the 9 to 5, it did feel like structure was coming back into my life, after spending quality fun times with loved ones and family. 

But the key to making 2017 happy and prosperous is to not allow yourself to get into the 'routine' feeling. Don't make that mistake of letting the fun out of your life again. It's a new year folks, you can make the changes you want to make, you can make time for loved ones and social events. You can kick back and enjoy life as often as you want.

Life is in your hands. You can make it stressful or you can make it joyful and fulfilling. What do you choose? 

Embrace your power, embrace your creator self and make 2017 a year of joy, fulfillment and success. Don't allow yourself to be swept away by routines that bring you no happiness. If you are one of those many people who are looking to lose weight this year and get fit, don't make it stressful, make it fun. Choose workouts that you enjoy, go for walks or jogging outside, instead of joining a gym. Treat yourself to equipment at home and exercise in the comfort of your own home, wearing what ever you want. Make healthy eating fun, by trying new recipes and buying ingredients you never have tried before. Explore what healthy eating and being healthy can really be like and add some entertainment to it.

The only reason routines are boring and take the fun out of life, is because you have chosen to put fun aside. Remember, the key to manifesting good things in your life, is to feel good, so feel good and bring the fun into your daily'll find that when you do this, you'll have so much joy in your life, you'll be the success you want.

Until Next time

Peace and Blessings

Coach Rita Hurry xoxo 

Do you trust yourself?

Posted on 7 December, 2016 at 8:55 Comments comments (0)

Self doubt plays a big part in whether we take action on things in life. When you are not sure of something, you often choose to 'play safe' and let go of what you really want to do and opt to stay in your comfort zone.

Through my interactions with others over my life, the one question that always comes up, when contemplating something is "Can I really do it?" Here is the self doubt again. 

Times have changed and we are a lot more harder on ourselves than we used to be. We doubt ourselves first, before looking at everything else. We don't trust ourselves to see it through...we hold back in case we blow it!

Think about you for a moment. Do you do this? Do you doubt yourself first before looking at the other factors involved? Do you trust yourself?

If you find that this relates to you, you need this to be the most urgent thing you look at today. Stop everything else and focus on changing this.

You are your own foundation. Your life is built by you. If the foundation is weak and filled with lack of trust, your life will be one big wobble!

You have to fix this. Would you build a home on weak foundation? 

You are the creator, the core creator, who shapes the direction of your life. You make the choices to move your life up or down. If you cannot trust in yourself to make the right decisions, than this self doubt will affect your whole life.

So if this is something you struggle with, here are a few pointers to help:

1. Think about what you really want out of life. What do you place value on? What feelings do you enjoy the most?

2. Visualise those things happening and allow the feeling to overtake you.

3. Note down why is it important to you, to take the action you want to take and why it is not and read it over.

4. Go to a mirror and look at yourself, eye to eye and tell yourself - "I am worthy" 10 times.

5. Spend quality time alone running over the above 4 things until it becomes enjoyable.

The idea of the above, is to allow yourself to get in touch with your core self. To release the doubts and allow yourself to enjoy what feels right to you. From this exercise, you will also begin to trust yourself more in making those decisions that is right for you.

Remember, it is your life to lead, no one can lead it for you. So do what feels right for you and watch the doubts disappear.

Until next time

Peace and Blessings

Coach Rita Hurry xoxo 

You can have what you want

Posted on 13 October, 2016 at 8:55 Comments comments (0)

I have just come back from 3 and half weeks break in Mauritius to spend time with my father. Both myself and my sister went out there and we had the best time ever. Initially the reason for going out there, wasn't good, as my father was ill at the time, but once he was on the road to recovery, we had the best time ever. It really was a wonderful experience and I saw the work I had put into my creation taking shape.

Law of attraction is something that you have to put into practice. Time and time again I have always been shown in life, that Law of Attraction (LOA) is true and we are all living it daily.

One of my goals this year, was to get to Mauritius to spend time with my father. I wasn't sure when this could be, and made every effort to visualise myself flying out to see him. I also was in dire need of a beach holiday. I longed for sun, sea and sand. Well I got both and a whole lot more.

Upon reflection one day on a hot summer evening, sitting in the front balcony of my father's house in Mauritius, I began thinking of my vision board. I then realised that almost everything I asked for, I was living. With a few exceptions, still to come about, I had been living the life that I wanted and achieved what I set out to achieve.

What seemed impossible to begin with at the beginning of the year, was now in my hands. 

All to often, we anxiously watch and wait for things to change in the direction that we want it to go. This results in us attracting nothing or more crap.

My message to you today is don't watch and wait. Be and live and in those moments you get to be still, you will realise that everything you ask for has come to you.

Even though my father's illness was very upsetting and stressful, the Universe had our back and brought not only solutions, but good out of negative problem.

Don't let your focus be on what isn't happening. Be focused on what is happening and you will always see miracles in your life, guaranteed.

Until next time

Peace and Blessings

Coach Rita Hurry xoxo