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Leaving the Past in the past

Posted on 26 May, 2017 at 5:50

This week has been a very emotional week for many all over the globe, especially for us here the UK. Fear, sadness, anger, pain the emotions are high and very real. The reality of what happened is here and we can either choose to focus on that reality or unite together in love, to beat hatred. There were so many acts of random kindness following the incident, that it was soothing to know that total strangers came together to help each other in their moments of need. They put aside their personal situation to share. This is the love I choose to focus on through the sadness.

But one thing that strikes me, off the topic of what happened this week - that no matter how devastating this sitatuation was and how it made me personally, reflect on how precious life really is, there are many who hold onto past pains and refuse to let it go and be healed. Many who have a doorway to healing and moving forward, but who choose to stay in the past. They struggle day in and day out with this burden and take two steps forward and ten steps back. 

Life is a gift, and the universe brings many opportunties for us to let go of the past that keeps us captive, allow yourself to let go of the past and seek the gift of healing. There are bigger things going on than your past. Life's expiry date is going to happen and if there is one thing that we all as humans should take from this week, is that life is not here for ever. 

Value yourself, love yourself and seek the healing you need. Take a day at a time and use what lessons you have learned to move forward. You are a soul that deserves the gift of life, we all do and every day we should try taking just that small step to letting go of the past. 

Don't allow the cycle of the past to stop you from living. It's in the past and you can build a better future. 

Think about those beautiful young people, who lost their lives this week, who would've loved to be here right now living life and grabbing opportunties. You are here, you are living this gift. Embrace it and trust in your future, in your now. Do not settle for re-living the old patterns of the past, but embracing the gift of life that you still have. 

Do it for yourself and if you can't, do it for those whose lives have been cut short due to this terrible incident.

Until next time

Peace and Blessings

Coach Rita Hurry xoxo 

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