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The Law of Attraction Living Series

The Law Of Attraction Living Series is a collection of 3 books based on living a sucessful and fulfilling life using LOA principles. 

Each book will delve deeper into daily life topics to help  you, the reader use LOA easily and effectively in each area of your life, so you keep manifesting those things you want without struggle.

Book One - The Foundation

In this book, Coach Rita breaks down the basics of LOA which can help you build the foundation of your LOA journey. When an individual masters the foundation in every day life, they can begin to grow stronger in their practice and build onwards from there. 

This book is an easy to read, simple book designed for you to use daily. It is that 'go to book' that you can pick up anytime you need to get back on track and rebuild your foundation again. Coach Rita also includes simple exercises in each chapter that you can use to enhance your learning. 

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Book Two - The Core

This will be the next book in the series, which Coach Rita is currently writing and will be available in 2019. In this book, Coach Rita will go into more detail and share guidance and tools on how to use LOA effectively in all areas of your life and lifestyle. Coach Rita will share tips on money, career, love, family, spirituality, intimacy, social etc. Coach Rita will encourage you, the reader how to implement using LOA effectively in all areas of your daily life. 

Book Three - TBC

The third and final installment of The Law of Attraction Living Series will bring everything together and share some LOA experiences and stories from people from around the globe, as well as more tools and guidance from Coach Rita.