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As a woman over 40, Coach Rita knows the how difficult it can be for many women to maintain that feeling good feeling. As we get older we go through many changes physically, emotionally and mentally and all to often once we hit the 40 mark, we give up on ourselves and think it is all downhill after this.
Time and time again, Coach Rita has heard seen and coached many women who feel their age is against them and so the weight piles on and the 'dressing up' period gets thrown out of the window. 

But Coach Rita wants to change this and overcome this mindset. Therefore, Coach Rita has teamed up with Make Over Artist and Stylist, Bea Marshall to over women over 40 the support they need to love themselves, feel sexy, not give up on their health and fitness and to look and feel fabulous. 

We will be running a number of workshops, groups in the UK offering coaching, support, tips and motivation to live your best life yet!

For more information on what we offer and upcoming workshops, please contact Coach Rita. 

The Team

Coach Rita Hurry

Coach Rita is a Mind, Body, Spirit Coach, who specialises in: Law of Attraction, Meditation, Energy Healing and Health and Fitness Coaching.

As well as all of the above, Coach Rita is an author and published her first book ‘Law of Attraction Living – The Foundation’ in 2017. She is currently in the process of writing part 2 in the trilogy.

Coach Rita has a huge passion for inspiring women to believe in themselves and their dreams and to value who they are physically, mentally and spiritually.

Coach Rita has over 15 years experience coaching many individuals both in UK and abroad. 

She has coached for the National Health Service in the UK, and worked with those who have suffered from depression and anxiety, helping them back into employment or business and gain confidence. 

As a woman over 40 herself, she understands the struggles many women face as they grow older and believes that a positive mindset and maintaining a healthy lifestyle can do wonders for any woman in her later years.

Bea Marshall

Bea Believes that looking good can help you to feel good, she is a makeover artist and stylist with a passion for helping women over forty to reclaim their bodies, learn how to dress their new body shapes and feel fabulous when they look in the mirror.

With over thirty years’ experience helping women to build their confidence by learning how to look good for any occasion, Bea runs workshops for women to attend and learn these skills for themselves. The workshops can be either one to one or a friendly group setting.

To find out more about how you can hold your head high whilst knowing you look incredible, contact Bea on 07871 163 438 or visit the website: